45 Degree Reclaim Catcher 14mm


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A Reclaim catcher is the resin from oil. Unlike scraping a bowl from the dry flower, reclaim from concentrates still has a potent hit. As it travels through the glass, the vapor from the dab cools and sticks to the glass. Over time, enough reclaim builds up to where gravity and heat force it to flow into the collection area. Its clean - oil concentrate consistency. Makes for an interesting session cause it has all sort of oils, shatters, crumbles vaped through it. Only concentrates go through the Bougie. Great rainy day stash for when you're dry.

Reclaim Catcher
14mm Female Joint
45 Degree 14mm Male Joint
Detachable Silicone Container

More Reclaim Catchers https://inhalco.com/collections/reclaim-catchers

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