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Up your stats in the game of life, make synaptic connections quicker, or simply shift your genius into the next level of personal brilliance with Zen-monk-calm-focus. In this formula, Ginseng sends oxygen to the brain. Ashwagandha improves memory, enhances reaction time on cognitive tasks. Vitamin B6 is added for improved brain function. Green coffee bean for an increased energy boost. Yerba Mate, called the drink of the gods by the Inca and Aztec gives stamina to any task with reported levels of euphoria. With the added 30mg of Delta 8, you’ll have no problem with productivity.

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Life is short... Have Fun. Play Hard. Live your best life.

We know you want a consistent, safe experience every time you use our products which is why we strive to be the MOST transparent company possible.

We source our hemp derived Delta-8 from premium suppliers that guarantee our products are held to the highest standard to create a delicious experience like no other.

Our solvent free thermally infused delta-8 flower is grown in our own indoor hydroponic facility, nourished by our four 1200 gallon fish tanks creating an optimal growing environment without the use of chemicals or fertilizers beyond our fishes’ poop. Thank you Mother Nature!
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