White Fire #43 Pre-Roll 0.75g


About this product

Each handcrafted .75g Mad Terp Labs Terpstix starts with 0.5g of our highest quality flower, packed into an earth-friendly, unbleached cone. Next, a substantial .25g helping of potent hash oil is brushed onto the exterior, making it the perfect adhesive for an additional .25g of our finest kief. Whether enjoyed with friends or just as a party of one, Terpstix are packed with enough of the good stuff to accommodate in any setting.

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About this brand

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Mad Terp Labs (MTL)
Mad Terp Labs (MTL) is a premier extraction company in Arizona that serves up the finest medical cannabis concentrates on the market. Highly regarded by dabbers all across Arizona, the MTL brand offers top shelf extracts derived from the best flower from the best plants. The team at MTL have created a unique culture of glob dropping, terpene tasting, and aroma appreciation that only the finest cannabis concentrates can provide. MTL offers a wide array of concentrates including THCa Diamonds, Solventless Rosin, Shatter and Live Sauce Cartridges, to name a few. Time after time, patients count on Mad Terp Labs to deliver consistent quality, patient engagement and product development. Recently, MTL dropped all-new Gold Live Sauce Terp Tanks & Delta 8 Distillate Cartridges! Be sure to try MTL's famous Diamonds at your local dispensary!
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