The Original Jack Herer Battery


About this product

A sleek metallic vape battery with push-button and Jack Herer signature. Compatible with The Original Jack Herer™ cartridges and other 510 vape carts.

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About this brand

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The Original Jack Herer
The Original Jack Herer™ honors a man whose life work is a foundation for cannabis legalization today.

Jack Herer was nicknamed the “Hemperor” for his activism to educate and legalize the use of hemp and cannabis for food, fiber, fuel, medicine, recreation & more. This brand donates a percentage of sales to the Jack Herer Foundation to continue his work to educate people on this valuable resource.

We are working in partnership with Jeannie and Dan Herer in honor of the global cannabis and hemp movement and in memory and support of the life long work of Jack Herer.
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