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Take Advantage of Amazon Prime With These Fun Cannabis Deals

July 11, 2017
Amazon Prime Day is here again, and just like last year’s offerings there are a ton of cool items up for grabs at a great price point. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite, fun, funky, and cannabis-related deals that you just might not be able to resist.

Essential Accessories

Infuser Water Bottle

Normal Price: $21.90

Amazon Prime Price: 11.92

One of the first and most important things to remember when it comes to cannabis consumption is staying hydrated. Too much cannabis can result in some nasty dry mouth and feeling uncomfortably high. Insert the Infuser Water Bottle, which comes with an infuser rod that allows you to throw in a few slices of fresh fruit or cucumber, making your water extra tasty and inviting. No more dry mouth and no more excuses not to hydrate!


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Herb Spice Grinder

Normal Price: $29.99

Amazon Prime Price: $10.39

Looking for a high-quality grinder but don’t want to break the bank? Pick up the KingTop Herb Spice Grinder, made of a durable zinc alloy with a kief catcher (or a “pollen catcher,” according to the listing). A magnetic lid ensures you won’t lose any of the four pieces, and it includes a money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.


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Butane Torch

Normal Price: $49.95

Amazon Prime Price: $19.95

This item is labeled a “culinary torch,” and for the culinary-minded, it serves such a purpose–if you need your crème bruleed or your meringues browned, it surely do the trick. However, if you’re a cannabis concentrate fan, this will be your new best friend and companion to any basic dab rig. It’s easily refilled with adjustable controls, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly execute the perfect low-temp dab.


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Smoke Buddy

Normal Price: $12.99

Amazon Prime Price: $8.46

Inconspicuous cannabis smokers prefer to toke up in peace but don’t want to leave a lingering smell or cause concern for their roommates or neighbors. Smoke Buddy dissipates the smoke and odor, leaving your pad smelling fresh, even right after a fresh bowl.


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For Chilling With Friends

Inflatable Air Sofa Lounger

Normal Price: $99.99

Amazon Prime Price: $21.00

This inflatable lounger requires almost no effort to set up–no air pump is necessary, and it’s portable and waterproof. It provides great, comfy seating at any outdoor venue, whether it’s a concert, the beach, a festival, or a swimming pool. The lounger is especially great if you’ve got that one friend who took a hit that was a little too big and just needs a chance to nap it off for a bit.


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Toy Helicopter

Normal Price: $21.99

Amazon Prime Price: $16.39

Just because you’re an adult doesn’t mean you can’t still have a little fun! This toy helicopter looks like it would be a blast to play with (at least until you crash it), but it seems well worth the cost simply for the pure, unadulterated enjoyment.


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Waterproof Multicolor LED Strip Lights

Normal Price: $77.99

Amazon Prime Price: $21.59

These colorful twinkly lights will spruce up any room or patio, giving it a fun neon glow. They have the added benefit of being waterproof, making them perfect for outdoor use, and they come with a remote control so you can set different patterns and settings for a calm or funky vibe.


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For Hanging Out at Home

Rick and Morty Season 2

Normal Price: $24.98

Amazon Prime Price: $15.47

Obsessed with Rick and Morty and can’t wait for the next season? Yup, us too. While we anxiously await the return of the obscene burps and inane alien-monsters, Amazon Prime is offering a screaming deal on season 2 of the show, which should tide us over. (For now.)


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Virtual Reality Headset

Normal Price: $39.99

Amazon Prime Price: $16.99

Maybe you’re just curious what all the hype is, or perhaps you’ve been itching for a chance to experience VR for yourself. Either way, this is a super affordable virtual reality headset that works with any standard iPhone or Android, with built-in headphones for the full experience.


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Game of Thrones 3D Puzzle

Normal Price: $29.99

Amazon Prime Price: $14.26

For the crafty cannabis consumer who loves all things GoT, while you’re re-binge-watching past seasons, set up this cool 3D puzzle of King’s Landing. It’s a cool landmark from the show, and it’s even more fun to set up while humming the Game of Thrones theme song.


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Oil Diffuser With Cool Mist Humidifier and Color-Changing Starburst

Normal Price: $99.99

Amazon Prime Price: $31.99

How about an oil diffuser to give your home a little bit of aromatherapy? How about aromatherapy with a cool misty humidifier? Now add a touch a starlight and you’ve got a scented, aromatic, color-changing lamp that looks ultra-cool in any setting. Sit back up and toke away with your colorful conversation piece keeping your place odor-free.


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Ridiculous and Random

Melting Salvador Dali Clock

Normal Price: $49.99

Amazon Prime Price: $11.19

Have you ever watched the ticking of the clock and felt like time was melting–nothing but a flat circle with no end and no beginning? It’s a moment we’ve all encountered during our first edible experience. What better way to signify the weird and inconsequential passage of time than with a trippy melting clock inspired by surreal artist Salvador Dali?


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Sparkly Gel Pens

Normal Price: $34.95

Amazon Prime Price: $13.99

Whether you just feel like doodling or are in the mood for a stress-relieving art therapy session, these sparkly gel pens will make your creation look spectacular. With a dazzling array of rainbow colors and boasting 150% more ink, these pens will last you through any upcoming art projections or doodles.


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Toker Poker

Normal Price: $14.95

Amazon Prime Price: $6.95

This little lighter case might not look like much, but for the seasoned cannabis toker, the gadget is ingenious. It contains a long skinny poking device for stirring and poking your bowl, a tapper to tamp your cannabis down, plus it ensures that no one will try to steal your lighter when you’re puff-puff-passing.


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