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ELEV8 LIFE BRANDS (7TH FLOOR - ELEV8 PREMIER) Tourism Events Glassblowing Class


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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About this product

In this beginner class we will go over the basics of glassblowing. We will go over the torch and what the flames are like neutral, reduction and oxidizing. We will go over the safety of glassblowing in this class so that we have fun with no injuries. Basically hot glass burns and sharp glass cuts. In this glassblowing class we will also go over marble making and pendant making. We will only go over the basics here as there is a lot to learn about how the glass reacts as it is heated in the flame. Adding loops for the first time can be challenging so this is why Matt Z. will be able to finalize any piece you are having difficulty with. Note that glassblowing for the first time is FUN, but it also takes a lot of brain power, so don't be surprised if feel drained. Your brain is doing things it has not done before and is being pushed hard. What you get with a liquid arts glassblowing class. 4 hours of studio time. You will be on the torch for about 3 hours as there is safety and project lessons that we have to go over. Eye protection is supplied Fuel and oxygen are supplied Torch is supplied Glass is supplied Considerations to take: Dress warm on cold days as we have a very good exhaust system, so if its cold outside, its cold inside. Must wear shoes Bring some snakes if you do not want vending machine snacks Be prepared to stand for 4 hours Learn More: Glassblowing terms and techniques (See Blog Below) Visit the Elev8 Premier Glass Studio Page Elev8 Premier YouTube Videos

About this brand

Our Mission at Elev8 is to offer products that elevate your mind, body, and spirit. Not only do we love the products we sell, we actually make many of the products and have been making vaporizers and glass this since 2004. We believe that by offering quality products at affordable prices paired with the education we can help people Elev8 to a higher state no matter your budget. To do this we believe customer satisfaction, functional design, and top quality products are of the utmost importance. To achieve this we will give 100% of our ability to procure the highest quality parts and build the highest quality products humanly possible! While building the product and company as a whole, we will strive to make a better community in which we live. 15 years and over 250,000 vapes later, our goal remains the same. We now have tens of thousands of satisfied customers (check out our customer testimonials) and we continue to build only high-quality vapes humanly possible! As the years have passed away, we have also grown our skills to bring some very high-end glass to your living room. Elev8 Glass Gallery, the exclusive reseller of the amazing 7th Floor Vapes offers 7 of the world's best vapes made of the highest quality parts. We design our high-quality vapes for ourselves as we feel we are true connoisseurs just like you. Being that you are your hardest critic on yourself, we are sure we can impress you with our herbal vaporizers. When you see and use a 7th Floor vaporizer paired with some Elev8 glass, we are confident that you will be amazed by both the build quality and simple function we incorporate into our little bundles of joy. Our high-quality vapes are designed to be the workhorse appliance you can say, “I can’t believe this vape is still going strong, and it's been 10 years!!” What makes Elev8 Glass Gallery so darn GREAT! The Vapes are designed, built and tested in the USA from domestic and foreign parts. We are very proud of this, and when you get one of our products you will feel the pride and love that went into each one. Quality is what you get and feel when you receive one of our amazing, durable vaporizers or pieces of functional glass. The second you open the shipping box and see our beautiful storage bag your unit comes in, you will be very happy. As you open your bag, your smile will grow even more as you begin to reveal the highest quality vaporizer in the world. Then after 5-10 years goes by and you are still using this machine, that is when you will say “WOW this thing is a HIGH-QUALITY VAPE!”. Design function is the most important thing to consider when developing a product like a vaporizer or rig. You will notice we have designed our vapes to be super user-friendly. We believe in keeping it simple. Beauty should be incorporated into everything. Art brings joy to life that nothing else in this world can give a person. With our Wave Rider Series (WRS) Surfers, we have taken art to a new level never seen in this industry. We incorporate custom glass into every SSV unit and then put amazing art into these high-quality vapes. If you can not afford an Elev8 Premier piece of glass you can still get a foreign artesian piece customized with some glass marbles made here in the USA. Now that is affordable customization! When you want quality look no further than Elev8 Glass Gallery for all your vape and glass needs.

About this strain

Dreamer’s Glass

Dreamer’s Glass
  1. Terpinolene
  2. Myrcene
  3. Caryophyllene

Dreamer’s Glass is a hybrid cannabis strain that delivers dreamy euphoric effects alongside heavy body effects that let you settle deeply in relaxation. This strain is great for patients needing potent relief of nausea and mild pain, but expect to feel more and more anchored to your couch as you increase the dose.

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Wed Sep 04 2019
best class ever!
Thu Aug 29 2019
Best thing to do in Colorado Springs if you like working with your hands!