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GreenScreen Plant Sex ID Kit

Identify Male Plants Early! (10 plants)


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WHAT IS THE PLANT SEX ID KIT? The GreenScreen Plant Sex ID Kit is a plant sex identification kit that enables growers to identify the sex of their baby plants after only 2 weeks from germination! BENEFITS No Males Allowed! Kick-start your crop by eliminating males early! Avoid high plant numbers and valueless male plants. Maintain an efficient crop by reducing unnecessary labour, energy costs and crop square footage. Want to maximize your grow space? Yes, please. WHO CAN USE IT? Small home grows Commercial Producers Recreational & Medical Breeders Note: Each Kit contains everything you need to send us your imprints for up to 10 plants. To access test results, a testing fee of $19.99 per plant applies. Interested in wholesale or retail bulk discounts? Email:

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The GreenScreen Plant Sex ID Kit allows growers to identify the sex of their plant only two weeks from germination. - Kick-start your crops by identifying males early - Grow more efficiently - Reduce your costs and maximize your yield - Save time, labor, energy, hydro and crop space - Bye Bye to feminized seeds. Grow from regular seeds with superior genetics!