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Simply Crafted | Free Shipping In USA Smoking Grinders 3-Piece Grinder With Storage


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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3 PIECE AEROSPACED 2.3" ACRYLIC GRINDER / STORAGE CASE This is the same grinder we include with all vaporizer purchases. Grinding is a necessary part of the vaporization process and increases the surface area of your aromatherapy blends for more thorough vaporization. 3 PIECE DESIGN WITH STORAGE CASE AEROSPACED 2.3" Acrylic 3 Piece Grinder / Storage Case grinds like a typical 2-piece grinder, but the added 3rd piece is the Storage case lid, perfect for carrying your blends on-the-go.

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Dope grinder awesome price 🤑

Can’t beat the price on this one and actually works good and holds a good amount

Nice grinder great price!

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Our mission is to provide pure and potent cannabis infusions while educating and advocating for marijuana law reforms. We proudly support NORML and The Last Prisoner Project in their endeavors to change US cannabis policies. We work with sustainable, organic local farms to ensure only the highest quality CBD flower and products are sold to you. Our CBD is produced in a federally regulated facility in California, and is third-party lab tested for purity and potency. We firmly stand behind our CBD products with a 100% money back guarantee. Lab reports are available on our website. We ship to all 50 States in the US, as well as to Canada, UK, France, Australia and all other countries where CBD is permitted. Free shipping for all orders in the US