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Taste Budz Cannabis Flower Superglue
Taste Budz Cannabis Flower Superglue
Taste Budz Cannabis Flower Superglue

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

A hybrid strain cross (Afghani and Northern Lights), Superglue inherits indica growth patterns along with a sweet caramel and pine fragrance. Superglue brings calming to the mind and body, but leaves you functional and energetic enough for social activities or a productive afternoon. THC: 23.3% 60% Indica / 40% Sativa Genetics: Afghani x Northern Lights #5

About this brand

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We focus on terpene/resin production with high THC content on most of our strains ranging from low strains we cut from our line 11-14%, to our average strains hitting 20-25% and our Grape Soda hitting as high as 30% Total THC. Our name, Taste Budz, says it all as our product packs a flavorful bowl that tastes just as good and pungent as it smells in the jar.

About this strain


  1. Caryophyllene
  2. Limonene
  3. Myrcene

Superglue is an indica-leaning hybrid strain that produces a functional and relaxing high to the mind and body. Smelling of pine and a sweet caramel aroma, this strain is bred by Seedism Seeds. Superglue is made by crossing Afghani and Northern Light. Those who enjoy Superglue say it relaxes you while still leaving you functional and energetic enough for social activities or even a productive afternoon.

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Fri May 08 2020
I guess it is time for me to turn over a new leaf with leafy lol This is a review for those who enjoy in small quantities. I consider myself a "Cannabis Beneficiary", as this magnifiqué flower is a blessing for all life to enjoy responsibly. My tale: It was between wedding cake and superglue, R surprised me with the glue. For me, the experience was opposite to the name. I rolled my sample joint (grinded amount for a standard bowl) as I do all my joints, in raw papers with a handmade filter tip. This is a fast reacting strain and I smoke daily. I smoked half the joint with 6 puffs, 5 held for 3 secs, one held for 6 secs. The effects for me started within 4 -6 minutes. Mentally I started to come down from the high after 20 minutes, but the physical effects remained for me up to almost 2 hours. Real chill. The taste is earthy, texture is smooth, probably smoother in a bowl. The scent of the flower is light on clothing if you smoke outdoors, but inside its the opposite. I felt the effects in my head first, then it moved through my body. Definitely delayed physical effects in the beginning so just chill out, relax, pass it along or pace yourself. If you smoke more than one serving of a bowl, clear your day, because you will either nap or your creativity will pour like a stream of water. No increased appetite. Dry mouth and dry eyes, yes. No paranoia or headache. It is good for pain relief on a skeletal and muscular level. Highly recommended for anyone who feels they may need or want to: relax, feel temporary pain relief from an underlying health condition or injury, refocus, nap or rest, realign through meditation, yoga, or other spiritual practices; decompress from the daily stresses that sometimes accompany life, or to simply feel and think better with the medicinal assistance of this flower. Enjoy in small quantities :-)
Tue Jun 25 2019
Got a a dispensary here at Plus Dispensary in Portland Oregon. I actually had to look strain up.All they had was name and no description. $40 for an ounce. Feels and tastes good but theirs is very roughly trimmed compared to pics here. Price not bad.Staff rough on edges
Fri May 17 2019
It taste awesome and it came. From. Choice. On page ave jackson mi