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Sunnyside Medical Marijuana Dispensary - Chillicothe

When I got my card last year Sunnyside always had, I mean had, products that were perfect for my condition. But here lately selection has been very poor. Prices have increased and the rewards program is basically of no use to me now. I have accumulated enough points to purchase an accessory that is perfect for man on the go. I prefer flower and infused flower. One accessory they used to offer is for vaporizing both. I have been told for the past two months that the accessory will be back. Seems very odd that the other dispensary I use has this accessory in abundance. Also the product I seek. The other dispensary is called Columbia care in Logan Ohio. They not give me the same 30 percent discount that Sunnyside gives me. But they do stack discounts My first visit to Columbia care I ended up with a 40 percent discount. And since then my discount there has never been less than a 30 percent discount. Sunnyside s product selection and quality has become do do within a 4 month period. I still use Sunnyside but only for small amounts and they are local In my opinion, sunny side has become more expensive. Poor quality and limited selection. I might add also that Columbia care caught a mistake Sunnyside made with my days. They took 7 days from me when the product clearly states on the label, 5 day supply. I suggest if you use this dispensary to watch your days and shop. There are many dispensary around who offer better product price and don't bull shit ya.