Full Spectrum Comets

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Introducing Comets: 2 grams of top shelf flower rolled in a king palm wrap, covered in full spectrum extract using a solvent-free method, then rolled in cannabinoid isolate. A prerolled for the true connoisseur!

Lighting instructions:

Roast the end similar to a cigar, blow out flame. Blast off! The comet is now ready to be smoked.

200mg Full Spectrum Wax

200mg Isolate

Current Varieties:

Bubba Kush (CBD Isolate)

CBD: 15.90%

Total Cannabinoids: 19.05 %

Terpenes: 2.12%

Full Spectrum Wax is high in CBD, CBG, CBT, CBC, CBN totaling 86.96% Cannabinoids.

CBD: 74.47%

CBG: 1.00%

CBT: 3.72%

CBC: 3.29%

CBN: 2.38%

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Hemp Hop is a vertically integrated brand that puts quality of products and experience first! We cultivate and produce all products in-house to ensure quality from seed-to-shelf.
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