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Rochester, MN

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September 5, 2017
I really like the Minneapolis office,they are great!
July 3, 2022
Product quality is very low. We call it Mids in the industry. There are very little terpenes present. The flower is clearly grown for max yield, not quality. We are med patients and deserve an enjoyable smoke. Every. Single. Product. I've bought from here has been a complete miss and just an even bigger smack in the wallet. I can consistently find better, cheaper product elsewhere. Unfortunate.
January 9, 2020
Product is decent but overpriced. It doesn't matter though because the secretary Rena is so inappropriate and rude to people I wouldn't go back there if they paid me.
March 31, 2022
Hey Recreational users, MN law is a medical only and leaning heavily into the clean cut medical vibe. This Dispensary is my closest (plant pharmacy) to my home in Winona, MN. The law here is one of the strictest medically out of the current 36 States in my opinion, I feel now it is because we as a State are World class medical leaders & innovators. Our cannabis program is unique. Did you know this dispensary is owned & run by a local small town medical Dr. from Minnesota? Did you know they often have a Pharmacist (btw they are Doctors too) onsite? One time I had a discrepancy or wait issue for my Rx, a Dr. or Pharmacist onsite recognized my medical symptoms worsening and offered an immediate Rx for a red vape oral spray. I too have traveled from California in 1995, to Colorado, to the Desert in Nevada always focused on medical cannabis from the beginning. When the World Wide Pandemic struck 2 years ago I was ISO (in search of) powerful a medicine strain out west called GG#4. I found it! But I could NOT buy it because it was for their medical patients only. Green Goods has provided me with a GG#4 X Skittelz cross flower called CG or Candy Glue @ 26.5% THC. I came home to my "hometown Dr." and he has made available my medical flower of choice and need! Not for me, I just got lucky as it is a popular strain and Green Goods carries it! Even during the craziest of pandemic madness Rena and her co-workers have always had customers backs. One, time, ok often I go there barely hanging on. This day, was dark and low as any, who comes popping outside with my curbside Rx to save me from social anxiety of going inside? Rena! Be Well, Rich P.s Could I nit-pick, complain about something or micromanage their biz? Sure, I want a coffee bar inside :-) the vibe is ok, I just want to meet other patients here! *full disclosure this is my primary dispensary since 2018.
September 9, 2022
i had a great time! everyo got was good, i will say 1 of the prerolls was broken in thr tube but i just took the killer kush out of it and put it in a new cone lol
January 15, 2024
I’ve been ordering from Green Goods for a while now, I really enjoy their products, I can’t wait until they can have a wider variety(it grows weekly). I also love how kind and considerate their staff are! They have gone above and beyond for me and I appreciate it! I’d highly recommend them to anyone whose looking for help. Long timer to newly prescribed they have help for anyone.
June 17, 2020
Their staff is highly knowledgeable and friendly. The prices would be perfect if they were about 20~25% cheaper, or of course if insurance ever helped.
January 2, 2021
Nice Folks. Only close place. Good products.