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Aims 3.5g Runtz

Strain rating:
THC 31.7%
CBD 0.0%
Aims 3.5g Runtz
MMD - Marina Del Rey
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About this product

Discover the brilliance of the Aims 3.5g Runtz, an iconic strain offered at MMD Shops Marina Del Rey's renowned beachside dispensary. This product has firmly established its reputation in the cannabis industry owing to its extraordinary genetic blend of Zkittles and Gelato. This distinctive fusion results in a perfectly balanced 50/50 hybrid, embodying the best of both worlds. Every inhalation of Aims Runtz introduces an unmissable aroma and unparalleled taste that define this strain, making it one of the top preferences in the market. Beyond the sensational flavor profile, Aims Runtz boasts a high potency that harmonizes with its remarkable taste, frequently testing above a staggering 30%. Whether you're a seasoned cannabis enthusiast or a curious beginner, packing an eighth of this hallmark strain ensures an unforgettable experience. MMD Shops Marina Del Rey, a distinguished marijuana store in Santa Monica, CA, proudly introduces this strain to its discerning clientele. As part of the extended MMD Shops family, the Marina Del Rey dispensary is an integral part of its four strategically located outlets in SoCal. Since its inception in 2006, MMD Shops has accrued over a decade of experience in cannabis retail, thus assuring quality and satisfaction. Visit the dispensary today and discover why the Aims 3.5g Runtz is an indisputable standout in the flower section.

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