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New Strains Alert: Donkey Butter, Slice of Heaven, Banjo, and More

Published on March 23, 2018 · Last updated July 28, 2020

Leafly’s New Strains Alert is an ongoing series that announces cannabis strains recently added to our database. Leave a rating and review for any you’ve tried, or find out if a strain is available in your area by clicking through to the strain page.

We’ve made it through another week, and behold, on the other side are more delicious cannabis strains. This week, we’re sharing a pretty balanced blend of strains, including a few special cuts from Pollen Nation, Exotic Genetix, and Heavyweight Seeds.

A standout in this lineup is Exotic Genetix’s Donkey Butter, a fuel-forward mixture of Grease Monkey and the mysterious Triple OG. This funky, savory treat is best served up at the end of the day. Like a large meal, Donkey Butter relaxes the body and mind to the point of petrified bliss, relieving nausea and placing stress just out of reach.

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Jah Goo marijuana strain tile
Jah Goo

Jah Goo is a pungent cannabis strain with strange origins. The colorful cross of Purple Jasmine and Goo, Jah Goo is a resinous strain that was transported to North America by Canadian Vietnam veterans returning from Southeast Asia. Jah Goo expresses alluring qualities from both its parents, including bright pink hairs, multifaceted foliage, and an abundance of trichomes. Its calming and relaxing effects are perfect for dealing with stress and subduing pain.

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Dream Machine marijuana strain tile
Dream Machine

Dream Machine by Heavyweight Seeds is a hybrid cross of various landrace genetics. This bedtime strain was bred from Afghani, Indian, and Brazilian strains, and has been known to flourish when kept below 5 feet (1.5 meters) tall. It has a sweet, smooth, earthy flavor that translates to the aroma. Dream Machine mixes the old world subtleties of these genetics into a restful combination of flavors and effects.

Chocolate Skunk marijuana strain tile
Chocolate Skunk

Chocolate Skunk is an uplifting and pungent cross of stimulating cannabis genetics. This strain combines the earthy, chocolatey spice of Chocolope with the archetypal aroma of Skunk. Its combination of euphoric effects and physical stimulation lends itself to consumers trying to overcome fatigue and lethargy. Chocolate Skunk’s mood enhancement is also a kind companion that helps release stress while remaining focused and energetic.

Donkey Butter marijuana strain tile
Donkey Butter

Donkey Butter by Exotic Genetix is a vivid naming of a pungent phenotype. Created from a Grease Monkey mother and a Triple OG father, this strain comes loaded with loud fuel-forward aromas intermixed with a fragrant dose of forest and earth. Donkey Butter is a heavy producer and expresses dark leaves with deep colors. This funky flower leans toward sedation, weighing heavy on the limbs and relaxing the mind. Its physical and mental dullness can blunt stress, pain, and the pangs of daily living.

Banjo marijuana strain tile

Banjo is a savory hybrid cross of Boost and Tangelo. This stimulating flower is a perfect option for enhancing mood and improving outlook. It emits an odd aroma of freshly grated cheese and tangerine zest, but the flavor is sweet and piney. After this strain’s euphoria has settled, the slow body melt begins. This moderate sedation is enjoyable and functional, weighing just slightly on the eyelids and limbs. Enjoy Banjo throughout the day to improve mood and mellow nagging aches and pains.

Nana's Fix marijuana strain tile
Nana’s Fix

Nana’s Fix by Pollen Nation Elite Genetics is the delicious combination of Grandma’s Sugar Cookies (from Johnston’s Genetics) and Loud Sour (from Loud Seeds). This strain produces a medium-sized yield and sweet, colorful flowers after its flowering cycle of 9 to 11 weeks. Enjoy Nana’s Fix to mellow out while enhancing mood.

Slice of Heaven marijuana strain tile
Slice of Heaven

Slice of Heaven is a delicious hybrid cross created by Pollen Nation Elite Genetics out of Windsor, Colorado. This strain combines ICED Grapefruit and Pollen Nation’s own Skwurl Killer. Its aroma is a mixture of fuel, sweet fruit, and bright citrus, speaking to a complex and unique terpene profile. Slice of Heaven’s abundant yield following its flowering cycle of 9 to 10 weeks make it an enticing and welcome resident in any grower’s garden.

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