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About this product

Harmonic is a balanced strain that maximizes on both cannabinoids by having equal parts CBD and THC. With fairly loose and airy flowers, the buds of this unique strain range from long and thin to spherical in shape. This product is made up of dark green buds interlaced with dark orange hairs, and is available as dried flowers and soft-gels.

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+ Attitude - fairly relaxed and oddly responsible. Absolutely need to try again to compare results. + Productive - read through an entire dry contract without much trouble. + Hungry - already ate a light dinner and have now eaten the same dinner over again. + Tastebuds - Dark chocolate espresso beans taste absolutely amazing! + Hearing - seems heightened even though my ears feel weird. Not sure how much I like this trade-off. + Awareness - stopped eating chocolates when I realized that additional sweets were not actually giving me more satisfaction. + Relaxed - My brain is finally just letting stuff go if it only causes more stress. + Time - Oddly enough, I feel like I'm able to do more. Whether or not I'm sober enough to make a fair assessment... who knows?


Perfect for those with sensitivity to THC. Chose this over AltaVie's Campfire as we found the Campfire was a bit too low in THC/CBD. My SO and I were notably affected by this batch at ~8.5% THC/CBD. Sativa like effects for both of us where we were happy, laughing and energized. She worked 12+ hours that day, and quickly forgot about her soreness. We talked and had a great night. We shared a small (.3g) joint for the evening. I couldn't note any real flavour aside from slight earthyness, she tasted mint/grapefruit. Smaller buds, but they ground up nicely and burned evenly and slowly. Definitely OK for low tolerance users and experienced ones too (me). I'm impressed with this, I'm sure its our new 'shared' goto.


Smells like pungent catnip, oregano and a bit of citrus. Made me calm, relaxed, and very talkative. Slept like a log afterwards. I'm a beginner and this was lovely.

About this brand

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