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Organic Detox Kit

Organic Detox Kit

by Bio Cleanse Detox

4 customer reviews


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Wed May 22 2019
I tried it to detox the thc from my system, it don't seem to be working. I'm going to give the full strength cleanse a couple more days and then ill update my review. Also @RichyDimitri did you do anything else besides follow the directions? To make sure the cleanse worked?
Tue May 01 2018
The cleanse is 9 days, not 90, I don't know what the other guy in the above review is saying. It's a remarkable program. My health condition has improved dramatically since doing it. It also helped me to start on a journey of healthier eating and lifestyle. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to rid their body of toxins, mucoid plaque, heavy metals, whatever.
Thu Mar 29 2018
Solid but 90 days?! Need something faster than that. Everyone knows most can detox naturally in a week.
Mon Dec 04 2017
I implore you to read the entirety of my review, especially if you are trying to use this kit to pass a drug screening test which I absolutely and wholeheartedly recommend. I have absolutely nothing but positive words for this product. My intention in using this kit I will make blatantly clear was to pass a drug screening for THC specifically. I know others here are afraid to be honest about why they use these particular products but in the interest of helping others actually find something that I know for certain works, or rather worked in my case, I will put myself out there. You have to follow each and every instruction to the letter. Do not deviate, do not think you can continue to ingest anything, or enjoy any of your vices while on this detox. Do just the detox and nothing else no matter what you are thinking may not have an impact. I will state this even more emphatically: ADHERE TO THE INSTRUCTION MANUAL. In my experience I needed to take 7 digest power tablets during the main Full Strength Cleanse( do this cleanse if you have to pass a drug screening, not the gentler option) and you may need more or less. If you are following the instructions like I stated above you will determine during the course of the cleanse whether to add more of these tablets or decrease the number of tablets you take everyday. This is a very individualized system that will function naturally with your body to detox you of any and all impurities that will show up on an official drug screening. I cannot testify to the other health benefits except to state that yes I had more energy during and after the cleanse, so much so that I walked more each day than I had in months. Did "mucoid plaque" come out during my periods of defecation? That I don't know. I defecated and it looked a little darker than normal in my personal experience but I observed nothing else abnormal about my feces. The amazing thing to me was that I was defecating while not ingesting anything solid whatsoever which tells me that it is likely that the feces contained the various chemical and biological constituents from earlier use of different pharmaceuticals, foods, etc that were residual in my body. Your defecation experience may differ and that is completely alright, you probably defecate differently than I do right at this moment anyway biologically speaking. You will find that the toxin remover shakes will take your hunger from you. The issue is not going to be hunger. The issue is going to be the psychological reality of knowing that you can't put anything else in your mouth other than what they tell you is allowed during the Full strength cleanse. I only drank the shakes, water, and the recommended organic 100% apple juice. That means I did not chew gum or suck on peppermints or candies; did not use mouthwash (I used a salt water rinse solution that I made everyday) and I would recommend you follow my example and do not deviate from the instructions in anyway if you are trying to replicate