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KIND® Plant Nutrient System

by Botanicare

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Botanicare Growing Nutrients KIND® Plant Nutrient System

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About this product

KIND® is manufactured in small batches, completely dye free, and runs clean with low salt build up. A fusion of science and nature, KIND is the most technologically advanced hydroponic nutrient available today. KIND was created with specific N-P-K ratios that were optimized to allow 100% customization. This allows the user to adapt to the specific needs of any grow media, at any stage, while maintaining the ideal balance for optimum plant growth. The proprietary KIND formulas eliminate the need for separate calcium and magnesium supplementation to compensate for water quality or specific grow medias. This level of control is ground breaking and allows you to maximize growth for any plant, in any environment, no matter what KIND you grow. KIND BASE 4-0-0 + 5% Calcium KIND Base is unique because it contains all of calcium without trace minerals, magnesium, or sulfur. By including all of the trace minerals in the Grow and Bloom formulas growers can effortlessly customize their calcium and nitrogen levels without affecting the balance of these essential elements. This revolutionary formula was designed to allow for maximum versatility throughout the grow cycle. Using Coco Coir or Reverse Osmosis water? Simply increase the base to increase your calcium levels. KIND is ideal for Coco Coir based media, RO Water, and plant types that require high levels of calcium and nitrogen. Using Clay Pebbles, Rockwool or have hard water where less calcium is needed? It’s as easy as reducing the amount of base you use. Simply manipulating the level of KIND Base allows you to precisely control the levels of both calcium and nitrogen to meet the specific needs of whatever Kind you grow. KIND GROW 2-2-4 KIND Grow provides powerful minerals enhanced with a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients to maximize root growth, and sustain a lush healthy canopy. The combination of KIND Base and Grow provides the ideal nitrogen to potassium ratios for fast flowering annuals. KIND Grow is designed for the vegetative period of the growth cycle, but can be combined with KIND Bloom formula to meet the precise demands of your plant in any media, at any stage. This level of control is ground breaking and encourages maximum growth for any plant, in any environment, no matter what Kind you grow. KIND BLOOM 0-6-6 Kind Bloom was formulated with an optimal phosphorous to potassium ratio to encourage healthy branch and stalk development, accelerate flower sets, and maximize crop yields. This ideal ratio provides higher potassium levels to increase biomass while amplified phosphorous levels promote flower initiation. KIND Bloom also includes an elevated level of magnesium which increases photosynthetic efficiency; critical for achieving optimum yields in accelerated growth environments. KIND Bloom was developed specifically for fast growing annuals. KIND Bloom allows you the ability to increase the amount of potassium and phosphorous during peak flowering and ripening phases without additional boosters. Adjusting these ratios promotes maximum fruit swelling, yield, and quality. This is easily accomplished by simply increasing the Bloom, and lowering KIND Base which limits the amount of nitrogen available without compromising trace minerals or magnesium. KIND Bloom provides the complete nutrition your plants require to maximize both yield and quality. No matter what Kind you grow, or what you grow in- KIND is the last nutrient you will ever need. -Enhanced calcium, magnesium and sulfur levels, specifically designed for fast blooming annuals -Effortlessly customizable. -KIND’s unique formulation is easy to customize for specific plant needs, growth cycles, and grow medias.

About this brand

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As plant cultivation experts, Botanicare is dedicated to providing superior products, expert advice and support to help growers produce better crops. What started as an experimental plant nutrient, Pure Blend (now Pure Blend Tea), brewed in the back room of an Arizona retail gardening store has evolved into Botanicare, a market leader in hydroponic products. After 20 years of innovation, foresight and unconventional thought we have seen the industry and our company blossom. We are committed to finding new ways to encourage growers to do what they do best - grow.

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Fri Mar 24 2017
#420sweepstakes I've used a variety of nutes over the past half dozen years with mixed results. I discovered Kind sort of by accident but after reading about it a bit I decided to give them a shot. Well, 2 seasons under my belt with Kind and I'm never going back. I like the ease of use and customization possibilities that the Kind system afford me. I also love the fact that I don't need to add any cal/mag as it's already there. This is the easiest nutrient line I've used and I'm a huge fan. Pros: easy to use - measurements are straight forward Customization Reasonably affordable Didn't negatively affect my girls even when I grossly over fed for 2 weeks No need for additional Cal/Mag Cons: NONE