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Hempindica 100mg Capsule MEGA-DOSE


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CBD Hempindica FULL-SPECTRUM 100mg Capsule. These mega dose capsule is the perfect supplement to a Raw CBD regimen. These extra strength CBD Capsules will top off your Endocannabinoid system daily and give you that power -boost to carry you through the day. For about $5 a capsule you are getting 100mg Full Spectrum Multi-Cannabinoid Industrial Hemp Derived Certified Organic CBD

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CBD Hempindica

CBD Hempindica is a CBD Company based in Colorado. We are a family business focusing on Health and Wellness and the benefits of a hemp based regimen. CBD Hempindica is a retail/wholesale Company. We provide over 20 branded Hempindica products to websites, smoke shops and dispensaries . Grateful Gummies , CBD Shatter, and 50mg, 100mg CBD Capsule are our most popular products. Try CBD Hempindica brand CBD and treat your Endocannabinoid System to the highest quality CBD available! Now introducing Hempindica's 100mg Capsule.....FULL SPECTRUM!