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I’m not usually into sativas or GSC but this takes you to a farther plateau. IAt this level THC becomes kickass.. A good rush, so take care those of a nervousness disposition as I’d imagine all sort of freaking, paranoia central could ensue if one underestimates this amber nectar. Novices should also respect this product . Otherwise, it’s good to while the afternoon away & brighten up any dull day.

Killer stuff! You need just a small shard of it

For the price this stuff is killer! CSC has been one of my regular go too's for quality concentrates at a fair price. The flavors are alway solid all though the quality does vary a bit from time to time, this is why I gave it 4 stars. Best bet your safe with CSC!

from Concentrate Supply Co.on October 1st, 2018

Hey jack_theripper! Thanks for your review!

These folks make my favorite shatter and wax - much better than the Craft baseline and on par with Craft Panacea. Depending on the product and strain that is run, the shatter can be almost as tasty as live resin. The Tangie, Clementine, Blueberry, Flo and plenty of others have all tasted excellent and came in either gold or orange color and totally clear. We get ours from JPwellness in the Springs, who send good product to run, and the shatter is always on point and pretty cheap as well.

from Concentrate Supply Co.on August 6th, 2018

Much love LordClementine!

I recently oßtained a gram of ßlueßerry ßußßa Fett and personally thought it was WAY cleaner than craft Shatt. It was good for me but reading the past reviews... Maybe I don’t Fuqń know what I’m talking about❓ Moreover, my state isn’t “Medically Legal” untill 09/18 & a Rec vote in the following November, So... Availiblity + a very low mark-up/tax gives me no reason to shit on them with a ßad review. 4 1/2🌟 (I round up to 5🌟)💨🍀👍🏼

I've had good and fantastic shatter from CSC. Compared to the Craft shatter I got, this stuff is incredible. Each variety I've gotten has had good flavor, but some are better than others. For $18 a gram, it's good stuff.

from Concentrate Supply Co.on September 27th, 2018

Thanks for your review!

If I could give it zero stars I would. I have tried this product twice. The first time I bought two hrams of their Maui Waui... It tasted Luke burnt rubber, burned my nose and didn't even get me high. Most recently I went to a different dispery than normal and didn't realize their shatter was from the same company until it was paid for. Good thing I only got one gram. Cause it too tastes like burnt rubber and burns my nose but on the upside this one does get me high if I can not puke when doing a dab. On the flip side I don't have a single complaint about their wax. I just don't suggest the shatter it's a waste of money.... I still have the first two grams I bout almost a year ago it was so nasty!

from Concentrate Supply Co.on August 1st, 2018

Very sorry to hear about your experience. The shatter & wax we produce is the exact same - I would recommend lowering the temperature of your nail/heating element, or making sure your nail is completely clean prior to consuming.

Shatter is pretty good, it gives an intense high.. I'm assuming that's because it's hella high on the THC since it's a concentrate. My wife has never been more stoned in her life. It was her first time using a dab rig. Overall, it was pretty sweet. #420 sweepstakes