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A tasty THC-infused syrup that goes great with spicing up food or drinks.

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The most humble of all tributes the quirky, fancy, big, small and totally chill coffee shops that ground our neighborhoods and give them life. Our Craft Elixirs coffee & chicory infused syrup is so dreamy on everything like French toast, ice cream, and ice coffee. Try drizzling on bacon or drink by itself.

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About Us

Craft Elixirs

Craft Elixirs LLC formed in 2013 to be a recreational processor of artisanal small batch syrups made from local Washington State seasonal ingredients. Since then we have grown to produce Pioneer Square fruit noms, Fermont Freaks dried fruit snacks, and Dank chocolate syrups. We still produce variety of syrup elixirs that excite the palette with a sophisticated mix of fruitful and savory ingredients. Artisanal handcrafted syrups can be used for making carbonated sodas, fun cocktails, marinades, topping for ice cream or other mixology crafts. Creative cooks can use the unique syrups for additional ingredients in baking and other recipes.