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GENESIS - 500mg Dabable Syringe w/ Metal Needle

by ebbu

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ebbu Concentrates Cartridges GENESIS - 500mg Dabable Syringe w/ Metal Needle


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

GENESIS is ebbuTM's first proof of concept product designed to introduce the new product category "Formulations" into the cannabis marketplace. GENESIS consists of 6 purified cannabis compounds (cannabinoids/terpenes) to create a very powerful, and uplifting effect that is a predictable and consistent effect every single time it is consumed.

About this brand

ebbu Logo
ebbuTM is a state-of-the-art cellular pharmacology cannabis based company with a cutting edge polypharmaceutical approach nestled in the mountains of Evergreen, CO. It is the mission of ebbuTM's PhD scientists and research assistants to separate out the various molecular compounds of cannabis (cannabinoids/terpenes) and purify them to 99.9% using high-end instruments to perform Supercritical Fluid Chromatography. Once ebbuTM fractionally separates, distills, and purifies each individual natural compound, ebbuTM is then able to mix these compounds into very specific ratio formulas designed to target receptors within the human body to truly create consistent and predictable effects every single time an ebbuTM formulated product is consumed. This is how ebbuTM is now proving the "Entourage Effect". The first proof of concept formula named "GENESIS" launched in the Colorado marketplace on November 30th, 2016, and has now created an entire 4th new category in the cannabis industry called "Formulations". ebbuTM plans to release their flagship line of products by Q2 of 2017 called ebbuTM "Feelings". Feelings will be products when consumed, will give the consumer specific feelings such as: Energy; Bliss; Chill; Zen; Create. ebbuTM will have three other product lines called ebbuTM "BOLD" (high potentency), ebbuTM "WELL" (wellness), and ebbuTM "PLAY" (lighter, less potent products you can consume more amounts of at once socially).

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Thu Jul 19 2018
These are the notes I took from today's session: 1, 3sec. hit at 12:22 pm, very harsh. Noticing high coming on at 12:26. No "weed paranoia" to speak of, spacey yet focused. Mostly sober at 2:14 pm with slight aftereffects still lingering. Could easily use this in a social setting without feeling anxious or overwhelmed by the high. - Overall, I dig this cartridge, its potency is the highest I've ever had. But, just like I indicated in my notes, it hits fairly harshly with a 3-4 second pull. Whatever the terpene profile is, I don't have a refined enough of a palate to detect it. Mostly the characteristic "weed" taste, albeit more subdued. You could definitely get high on the D.L. with an ebbu Genesis cartridge, like an old school hip flask at a wedding. I didn't get the syringe kit, I picked up the cartridge/battery combo at Lightshade Sheridan for $61.73 - out the door, that's not terrible. Provided you have a 510 thread battery you'll probably shave 10 bucks off the purchase. Final verdict - Great effects for a proprietary blend cartridge, taste is nothing special.