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Tart Cherry Pastilles 100mg 10pk

by Goodship

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Goodship Edibles Candy Tart Cherry Pastilles 100mg 10pk

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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About this product

Tart & Fruity "Sweet tart" Style 2.5 mg per pastille for micro-dosed control Available in: 5mg x 20

About this brand

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WELCOME ABOARD THE GOODSHIP Experience cannabis in a new way. There’s more to it than blowing smoke. There’s a whole world of cannabis cuisine out there. From first‑time cannabis exploration to cooking gourmet meals, goodship will guide your journey.

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Sat Jan 05 2019
I love these mints and honestly everything from Goodship has been amazing. I like the mints since I can really micro-dose and they're stealthy as breath mints.
Sat Aug 12 2017
SAVE YOUR MONEY!!! My wife and I had every reason to like these little mints, going in and, having bought and tried them repeatedly, we now have every reason to wish we could get our money back. We make an annual pilgrimage to Washington once a year to resupply our stash of cannabis goodies since we live in Texas, which is likely to be the last of the 50 states to go legal -- if ever. Our favorite edible has been Mr. Moxey's mints because they're stealthy to travel with (in an Altoids tin) discreet to consume anywhere, and most importantly, they get the job done with a nice high. On our most recent trip, having already purchased enough tins of Moxey's Peppermint ("energizing") Mints to last us a year, we were delighted to discover these Goodship pastilles on our last stop at a Washington dope store (the splendid New Vanstersdam in Vancouver) before driving into Oregon where, like Colorado, the selection of cannabis products is inferior, the prices are far higher and the retail shopping experience has a TSA buzzkill vibe about it. We were excited to discover these Goodship pastilles for three reasons: 1. The Tart Cherry flavored variety was much tastier that our peppermint Moxey's; 2. At just $20 for a 100mg tin of mints, the Goodships were about $10 cheaper than the $30 average price of a 100mg tin of Mr. Moxey's; and 3. There were 40 little 2.5mg Goodship pastilles, compared to 20 5mg mints in a tin of Moxey's. These "micro-doses" seemed to offer more flexibility in terms of consuming exactly the right amount for any occasion. An added bonus of our visit to the New Vandsterdam store was that a rep from the Goodship company was there offering (cannabis-free) samples of their three flavors of pastilles. In addition to the Tart Cherry, which we found to be the tastiest, there was also a Lemon-Lime and a Peppermint. Being aware that the three flavors of Mr. Moxey's Mints were each labeled to have a different effect -- energizing, relaxing and therapeutic -- suggesting sativa, indica and CBD components, and being prone to prefer the sativa high, I asked the Goodship rep which of his flavors produced which effect. He responded to me in a conspiratorial tone, "You know, all the science on these edibles suggests that by the time the liver metabolizes them, there is no discernible difference," or words to that effect. Well, that was news to me, and good to know if it's true. Anyway, we were excited to try this tasty bargain alternative to our beloved Mr. Moxey's Mints, so we bought a half dozen tins. While making stops to visit several friends in Oregon and others on the drive home, we offered these Goodship pastilles to our fellow stoners to see if their response to them was any different than our own -- which was that these little mints seemed to be as free of THC as the free samples the company rep offered us. Even at the "standard dose" of 10mg, which is four pastilles, no one in our experience got the slightest buzz.