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About this product

LEDTonic Z2 Indoor LED Grow Light Step up your grow game. Efficient hardware with high light output (PPFD) maximizing photosynthesis. This grow lamp is expertly engineered for MJ plants with high light requirements. The Z2 is fitted with the ideal color spectrum: optimal balance of blue-green-red with both UV and FR, stimulating your CB plant (or any other fruiting & flowering plant) in all of its grow phases. Don't fall for the "BLURPLE" color hoax. Practically no plant will thrive with only blue and red light, confirmed by multiple studies. Green light boosts parts of the photosynthesis process, improves plants’ overall health, and gives fruits and flowers (and buds) their right taste and smell. The Z2 covers it all. Get a lamp that does it right! Why LEDTonic? We are growers ourselves. Need help or want to talk lighting? Send us a message! LEDTonic lamps are put through longevity, power draw, and light tests before finalized. 10 years of growing expertise has been put into perfecting all aspects of our products. Specifications: PPFD (center spot, in grow tent): 980 umol/m2/s at 12" & 530 umol/m2/s at 18". Efficacy: 1.4 umol/J (PPF/W). Power consumption: 50W. Operational cost: 10 cents/day (16 hrs), at 13 cent/kWh, US average. Diodes & spectrum: 30 diodes at 3W. 400nm - 730 nm + 3200K and 4500K white. Inside the box: 1 LEDTonic Z2 grow light 1 LEDTonic manual 1 US power cord 5' (1.5m) 1 Hanger We know light! We develop our configurations, build them, and use them with our own grows. Tried, tested, and true on all imaginable plants. High output and enduring diodes: L70 after minimum 50.000 hours (8.6 years at 16h a day, 365 days a year). LEDTonic has your back! We offer a stellar 3-year hassle-free 100% working diode & lamp warranty on all of our grow lights. Grow your own supply. Buy LEDTonic light now!

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About this brand

LEDTonic - LED Grow Lights - Powerful Indoor Lamps for Beginners & Professionals - 3-Year Warranty Logo
We will shed light on your journey from seed to supply☘️ LEDTonic’s journey began in 2016 on a warm summer day in Barcelona when me (Daniel) and Max met Jonas. The three of us were sharing a Sangria when Max mentioned his indoor growing project, a subject we were all passionate about. Max complained about the LED grow lights currently available on the market. His cannabis plants didn’t grow as he hoped. We started talking about ways to improve his situation and mainly the light source. The idea of LEDTonic was founded. Since then our mission has been to help growers like Max develop from beginners, to hobbyists, to professionals. Let us help you optimize your cannabis production too.