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Universal Cannabis Tonic - Meadow Blend (Balanced THC/CBD) - 750mg - 1oz/30ml

by Luminous Botanicals

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Luminous Botanicals Edibles Tinctures & Sublingual Universal Cannabis Tonic - Meadow Blend (Balanced THC/CBD) - 750mg - 1oz/30ml
Luminous Botanicals Edibles Tinctures & Sublingual Universal Cannabis Tonic - Meadow Blend (Balanced THC/CBD) - 750mg - 1oz/30ml

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About this product

Meadow Blend of our Universal Cannabis Tonic is a balanced blend of THC and CBD. This magical-feeling blend is powerful, harnessing the synergy of equal amounts of THC and CBD. Adding CBD to the mix makes Meadow Blend less inebriating, allowing people to experience the benefits of THC while feeling less altered and more in control. CBD is also believed to reduce anxiety, making this a good blend for people who find that THC alone leaves them feeling agitated. Our Universal Cannabis Tonic is a versatile, full-spectrum tincture designed to be eaten, rubbed into sore muscles and aching joints, or used as a lubricant to enhance sensual play. It is available in three blends: a high THC blend called Sky, a high CBD blend called Earth, and a balanced THC/CBD blend called Meadow. Universal Cannabis Tonic is made with simple, plant-based ingredients, and tastes great, without any sugars or artificial flavors. Each bottle comes with a graduated dropper marked at .4 ml (10 mg) and .8 ml (20 mg). The dropper makes it simple to accurately measure your preferred oral dose every time and to apply topically without wasting a drop. Available in 30ml, 15ml, .8ml trial sizes, and softgel capsules. Ingredients: Organic almond oil, Sun+Earth Certified cannabis flower, organic virgin coconut oil, natural flavors Standardized potency: 5mg THC + 5mg CBD per .4ml (10mg) dose, 75 doses per 1 oz. bottle, 375mg THC + 375mg CBD per 1 oz. bottle

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I was given this free by Peoples pharmacy on Sandy Blvd. Instant headache . My friend was having bad headaches and I asked her if she was taking CBD and she said yes. I told her to stop and it went away. Gave my boyfriend a headache just like me . which is a shame because they are a good company wanting to help medical patients . And one more friend got a bad headache too. The product looks so nice and clean. It could be I'm allergic to something that's in it .but for all of us got same reaction is weird .

from Luminous Botanicalson March 9th, 2020

So sorry that you had this reaction, Raccoonie! While an allergic reaction is possible, some people report getting a headache when taking a dose of CBD that is too high. Because our tonics are made with whole plant oils rather than MCT oil, they have a different path of absorption in the digestive system that gives them better bioavailability. For some people this means they need to take a smaller dose than they are accustomed to taking with an MCT oil-based tincture. Careful dosing is so important - start low and go slow. We are a company that was started by medical patients for medical patients, and we formulate our products carefully with only simple, certified organic, all-natural ingredients for the health of the people and our planet.

I have a rare disease and infuse plasma products over a four hour period once a week. I have to premedicate with Benadryl and have an epi-pen close by in case I have a terrible reaction. My normal side effects are moderate constant pain for 24 hours, nausea, lack of appetite, swelling, severe fatigue, and emotional unease. Meadow has literally changed my life. I have always been a bouncer back and have two speeds: fast and crashed. My infusion side effects were hampering my ability to lead a more normal life. Meadow is just the right blend for my particular needs. My swelling isn’t nearly as much, my pain is greatly diminished, I am much more able to rest at the appropriate time after infusion, and because of all of this, I feel more calm and am more frequently my usual joyful self. To say that I am grateful is a gross understatement. I appreciate you so very much, Luminous Botanicals. Watch out for me to run a half marathon within the next couple of years, because...well, I want to.

When I'm wanting to feel a little more warm and fuzzy from my tincture Meadow is it! I love how I can still focus and be present but feel more relaxed and calm. Meadow is such a great 1:1 ratio and I love how I can use it as a massage oil and put it in the bath as a soak too. It's such a versatile product. I love this one.

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We make all-natural, full-spectrum cannabis products to help people connect deeply with themselves, with others, and with the health of our planet.