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Mass Wellspring Cannabis Flower Royal Gorilla

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

About this brand

Mass Wellspring Logo
Mass Wellspring is a registered medical dispensary (RMD) located in Acton, MA. Conveniently located on Rt 62 near Maynard, Concord, and Sudbury, we are open 7 days a week from 10am – 8pm. Currently, we are only serving registered Massachusetts Medical Marijuana patients and their caregivers. No appointment is necessary.

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Wed Dec 16 2020
Seedbreeder = Royal Queen Seeds Experience = 4+ months everyday Used = water pipe, joint and dry vape Couch lock = When over smoked Day or Night Strain = Both but amazing for focus Smell = like a really wet hairy animal Color of plant = Really dark and mad frosty Trichome color white/orange = 9:1 Growth = medium Munchies = no Creeper = No For me this strain is THE strain for waking up and doing work where you need to be focused. An intense head high that focuses your mental energies and when smoked more turns into a nice solid stone. So double what you'd have to sip on through the day to sleep. I would encourage people with adhd to try this strain out but like all Diesel lineage strains you want to get the dose right. With edibles your vision will be able to focus on all sorts of different things and micro movements during say a nature walk. Workouts this is also a fantastic candidate. My only warning is that being as strong as this is it can be really intense for noobs and you feel a strong pressure in the chest from the high thc. But this strain can make you feel very restless if you have things to do, it will motivate you more than calm you. The smell is worthy of the gorilla name, if you really try you can definitely taste those chocolate diesel genetics.
Sun Dec 06 2020
Amazing Strain!!! So smooth and "choke & cough" free that I honestly did not expect the relaxing "fireworks" that took place (still swirling a bit this AM). This is a 5-star strain all the way! The taste is mellow, but if you decarboxylate some, the fruity and mildly spicy aromas abound!! I'm a "smoker" but my wife has health issues with smoking. The two methods seem to affect people somewhat differently, so my guess is, that perfect balance of relaxing terpenes has been achieved. This strain is perfect for the current pandemic as you don't have to strain yourself to "ration" this girl. It can easily be "micro-dosed" as a, small pinch, two-hitter-quitter. If you want great rest, relief from "Pandemic Stress," and a smooth "cough-free" strain this one is worth checking out. Pain relief is above average, euphoria is great, and the euphoria melts into a great night's sleep. As restful as any Quaalude I ever took, back in the day, and I've always said, "When they took Quaaludes away, they took away the one sedative that worked "as advertised" where the hangover is pleasant - more of an antidepressant than antidepressants - and the rest is real and not an amnesia experience. Royal Gorilla is the perfect "'lude type" experience IMHO and for those too young to remember, they were an awesome euphoria that progressed into a fantastic night's sleep!!!
Mon Aug 10 2020
This strain slaps