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Rocky Green King Smoking Bubblers THE SKULL BONG


Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

About this product

Bong Design - This Bong is fashioned out of a straight tube bong and is super tall , so we are able to bring you more height, while still keeping this rig affordable. The Percolators - This bong has 3 seperate percs that help super filtrate your smoke. The diffuser downstem first spreads your smoke into tiny bubbles, and the skull head is also functional as a water bubbler, to help make even more bubbles for an even smoother rip! And if that was not enough, the dome on top functions as a third diffuser! It Comes with an Ice Catcher - If the smoke is hitting you too harsh, just load up a few ice cubes at the top.. and your smoke will be cooled in no time. It also functions as a splash guard! The Color - The bong is milky grey and super slick. The grey makes the bong look more bone-like.

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