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Nitro Cherry Pre-Roll 0.75g

by TKO Reserve

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TKO Reserve Cannabis Pre-rolls Nitro Cherry Pre-Roll 0.75g

Currently not listed on a store menu within 100 miles.

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This is just another product that did not disappoint. 1 small issue I would fix. Lightly pack the really sticky strains so you are able to smoke the full preroll. Always amazing products!!! Keeping my eyes open for GDP from you guys.

from TKO Reserveon May 27th, 2020

Appreciate your feedback and support! We will definitely try to keep those stickier strains more lightly packed but the trichome production on some of these strains is ridiculous :) We'll be growing some strains similar to GDP this year, for sure. Much love!

About this brand

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TKO Reserve is a family-run farm passionate about "beyond organic" and sustainable cannabis cultivation. Specializing in connoisseur, exotic strains, TKO Reserve is the exclusive cultivator of Sherbinski genetics in Oregon. We are state-licensed in Oregon and Washington, providing Dragonfly Earth Medicine PURE Certified cannabis to the adult-use markets. * WSLCB Licensed, 2015 * OLCC Licensed, 2016 * Dragonfly Earth Medicine Certified, 2016