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Mimosa Profile Strain

by True Terpenes


  • True Terpenes Concentrates Terpenes Mimosa Profile Strain
  • True Terpenes Concentrates Terpenes Mimosa Profile Strain
  • True Terpenes Concentrates Terpenes Mimosa Profile Strain
True Terpenes Concentrates Terpenes Mimosa Profile Strain
True Terpenes Concentrates Terpenes Mimosa Profile Strain
True Terpenes Concentrates Terpenes Mimosa Profile Strain

Product Details

FRAGRANCE: Sweet, citrusy, with hints of lemon and orange EFFECT: Euphoric, uplifting, giggly, hungry True Terpenes is a leader in precision botanical terpene blends using pure, food grade isolated compounds derived from non-cannabis sources. Each profile is curated using quality analytics to positively reflect their namesake plant. The following information is intended to inform our audience of the origins and cultural significance behind our botanical strain profile. Mimosa from Symbiotic Genetics is a strain that’s been at the center of the cannabis community’s attention for some time now. The momentum for Mimosa officially took off when The Jungle Boys took home the Best Flower Overall award at the 2017 Chalice Cup thanks to Mimosa #26. Since then, publications have gone gaga over Mimosa. Leafly considered the sativa-dominant hybrid one of five cannabis strains to be excited about in 2018. When describing the flower, the publication described it as ideal for smoking and making concentrates. Leafly dubbed Mimosa a, “A beautiful bud with shimmering trichomes that sparkle in the sunlight,” adding. “Mimosa looks as good as she smells. A great strain for hash makers, I’d be hard-pressed to pass up any solventless hash that features Mimosa’s terpene profile.” Born from Purple Punch and Clementine, Mimosa comes with a highly potent THC content that averages at just a little under 26%. Its high potency and flavor profile that some say more resembles Hawaiian Punch than a boozy brunch have also helped propel Mimosa to numerous must-have lists in recent years. The combination of sweet, citrus fruits is one you need to take in up close. That said, like its namesake, Mimosa will have you feeling like you just consumed a flute or two of the weekend staple of champagne and orange juice. Boasting a terpene profile of almost equal parts limonene (25%) and beta caryophyllene (24%), Mimosa provides consumers with a range of sweet, citrus fragrances while delivering a euphoric, uplifting feeling that can even give you the giggles and make stomachs rumble. To round out its terpene profile, the strain is comprised of alpha pinene (12%) and a handful of additional terpenes that total 9% or less of the plant. In all, Mimosa is the strain form of a weekend brunch with your friends. Mimosa is also known to give consumers a focused, energetic high while remaining in elevated spirits and comfortable overall. Overall, Mimosa is an ideal flower for getting through the day while staying upbeat and alert for whatever life throws your way. For these reasons, TLC Collective considers Mimosa an ideal strain for beginners. They explained that “Her juicy, fruit punch-like aroma and stimulating effects make her an ideal strain for beginners looking to reap the benefits of cannabis without the archetypal laziness.” For these reasons, growers, producers and consumers have all wanted to get their hands on Mimosa since it hit the scene. With sweet aromas, a unique flavor profile and an efficient high, it is no surprise that Mimosa is one of the most in-demand strains today. So, raise your glasses, and enjoy some Mimosa whenever possible.

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About This Strain

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4.5321 Reviews

Mimosa by Symbiotic Genetics is a rising star in the cannabis community. A cross of Clementine and Purple Punch, this strain has garnered praise for its outstanding fruit punch, citrus rind aroma and pleasurable mid-level buzz. Like the beverage, there is no bad time to enjoy Mimosa, but if you enjoy too much, the trajectory of your day will need adjusting.  

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True Terpenes is the cannabis industry’s trendsetter for custom terpene blends and the benchmark for quality, compliance, and education.