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Z Cube

Back for my 3rd review because the info here is inaccurate. Zcube is a cross between zkittles and Eddy Lepp og. So translation: this is candy with some fucking power! This strain caught me off guard at first, i decided to face a joint and it hit me like a mf. Not sure where everyone is getting a mint profile from but I’d say it’s more grapefruit/lemon candy doused in diesel, and the nose on this was amazing. Definitely one of my favorites! Grown by @greasycouture

Chili Verde

This is my 2nd review, had to to write this because i was impressed. If you’re like me and you find tastes/smells weed can have interesting this one is for you! It smells and tastes like savory citrus with a touch of flowery herbs. On break down you get a little more of that savory spicy/herbal smell and it blends beautifully! Also soooo beautiful to look at , frosty purple on the inside and out with bright orange hairs and hints of dark green! Perfect daytime strain, a little boost of energy while also feeling happy and relaxed! Grown by @lionboldtfarms 🔥

Cap Junky

Made an account just to write this! If you ever have the option to try this TRY IT! This strain is AMAZING! Looks, taste, and smoke check all the boxes. Smells like fruit that fell off a tree that is just starting to rot. Then someone came along and poured the cleanest gasoline on it! Taste on dry pull/inhale is fruity and the exhale is gassy. These buds are FROSTY AF. Great daytime smoke, hits the head and relaxes the body without making you sleepy however BEGINNERS BEWARE! Ate a large pizza to myself, got some work done, watched some anime, and hours later I’m still high. Definitely my new favorite of 2023!! Cap Junky grown by @highergrowthgardens