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Curaleaf - Daytona Beach

CURALEAF DISPENSARY -Daytona is THE MOST INEPT RAN DISPENSARY IN NE FL!!! PERIOD!! I purchased a BOGO from Leafly to try their NEW CHOCOLATE BARS. When I got home I only had one chocolate bar in the bag. I called and I spoke with I believe her name was Debbi anyway I was told she was a “manager” and was told I should just come in and they would look it up and dispense my free chocolate bar. I had the receipt yet when I returned to the CURALEAF-Daytona dispensary I was told NO and I was wrong. Other than Chelsea, the staff of this location are pathetic not only in customer service but in attitude, personality, and product knowledge. BE SURE TO CALL BEFORE YOU PICK-UP as they constantly are out of product and the staff seem like they are clerks at Walmart! Product knowledge not a priority for CURALEAF! Obviously they have enough customers as I am done with such a poorly run dispensary. BTW, the NEW chocolate bars are weak! I ate the whole bar within an hour and a have a felt nada! I am over it!!

GrowHealthy - Daytona Beach

The dispensary and start are knowledgeable and friendly and “most” of the medicines I have tried are great. The last time I ordered online, I must have selected “Strawberry Haze Distillate syringe by mistake. By the time I realized it, COVID-19 started raging and I am not going out among others. I called several times since this is the first distillate I have used, I asked for advice on what I should do with it and even though I talked to several different people, none of the advice provided any effect or relief. A .5 gram syringe is not enough product to trial by direction of professionals so I have to chalk $40 up to lessened learned. I have been to Grow Healthy a few times and have gotten some great product but not enough to be my “regular go-to dispensary.