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Smyth Cannabis Co.

Can’t beat that $50 gram cartridge. Good prices on flower too

Sira Naturals - Somerville

I've always been treated well here, staff actually took the time to get to know me and my medical conditions. I've never had a problem with anyone who works here. They recently implemented a rewards program that saved me over $150 (spend $100, save $20 etc). With the rewards program my flower price per gram was insanely low, like lower than street price. They also have specials every week where you can get 1/4oz for $70. Again, they are great because their pricing is generally equivalent or lower than street price. Product quality has always been top notch. I focus on flowers generally, and their bud is always delicious. They use these little humidity packs so everything stays dank and doesn't dry out. The packs generally last for up to a few weeks after you buy so things stay fresh. The only thing I wouldn't buy from here is the cartridge vape battery. That thing stinks, just get a cartridge battery from Beyond Vape across the street.