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Ultra Health - Sunland Park

I usually wait for Ultra Health Sunland location restocks on their flower before I go and buy. Because when I buy I try and buy for the month and spend around $300 to 400. This is my 3rd buy from Ultra and I spent about $350 this time I bought 5gs true og, 10gs Larry og, 4gs Brue banner, 7gs GMO and a couple of waxes oh yeah and 3 packs of edibles. The only problem I had was the GMO was not cultivated properly and tasted green like a plant. From my experience it was not cured properly. Also the waxes we're not not the quality I expected. And man was this a disappointment. So I had to go down the street and pay a little more this next time. I really like Ultra Health Sunland location but no offense you guys need to step up the game especially in your area. A used to be loyal customer.