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Cannabis and Glass - Spokane

Love the prices hate the Menu Boards. I smoke to handle my anxiety and having to ask somebody when I get to the counter to switch the board to the $26+ oils so I can finally start making a decision is extremely anxiety inducing. I hate making others wait and I do NOT want help making a decision. How hard is it to shrink the text and make it fit on one board? Or maybe stop selling so many varieties and types. I hate asking for Blue Dream because there's always 5 brands and 4 price points and it takes FOREVER to find anything in their confusing and disorganized store. I'm about done saving money here and am thinking about spending extra for a better experience at another shop.

Cinder - Spokane Valley

The store is nicely laid out, well lit, and in an easy to get to location. The service is OK but every time I've come in they lack energy or human emotion. I have never had a complaint about the quality or price of their concentrates but their glass products are cheaply made and break easily (3 broken pieces between my brother and I). The store staff is also not very knowledgeable about their glass products and will mistakenly tell you they were made in the USA when in fact they were imported from China. I go here when I'm in a bind and want to get in and out in a hurry and with a minimum of upselling.

Greenlight - Spokane

The finest quality at the most exorbitant prices. Being one of the closest shops to the Idaho border they keep their prices high and refuse to lower them when competition moves in. More power to them as the place is always packed. I have a hard time figuring out where the line is and the multiple budtenders milling about make it more confusing. I'm also not a fan of the "dark basement" theme they have going at the shop. All in all it's a great place to get a quality fix but it's literally going to cost you top dollar.


Don't let the skeevy location fool you, there are good deals to be had inside. I have frequented Smokane more than any other store in the area mostly because of the convenient location on my route home but also because time and time again I have been pleased with not only the quality of their selection but the prices too. Their staff are also super friendly and the frequent flyer discount is a nice plus. I can't wait for their new location to eliminate the only gripe I have about this store!