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Wedding Gelato

I've only had this in flower, as that's my go to method. So far where I am in P.A, only Franklin Labs has produced this strain, and what a strain it is! This stuff REEKS like cake and lavender. Very smooth, fruity and doughy taste with some minty background. Absolutely covered in frosty tan trichomes. Very nice deep green and purple buds, especially purple on the inside when cracked open. I always prefer Wedding Cake over Gelato, but this combination puts both parents to shame, in a good way. Terpene profile was nice. Heavy on Myrcene, Limonene and Linalool making it really enjoyable mentally. Definitely a heavy Indica in my experience. Two bowls of this made me giggly, fall asleep and then wake up and eat a box of cereal. Overall, this strain is a real pleasure to medicate with. I hope more growers start using it more.