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Curaleaf - Bonita Springs

I have been going to Curaleaf since I got my medical card 2 years ago. I must say they have stepped up their game in Florida, especially with adding shatter to their product menu!!! As soon as flower gets to be the quality that I'm used to, I'll change this to 5 stars, but for now, keep it up Curaleaf. You are awesome!!! Thanks to Dallas for always taking great care of me and being so knowledgeable!!!

Trulieve - Miami

Trulieve was my 1st experience with medical cannabis,and a great one it was. I've only experienced 1 other up to now and the staff at Trulieve has been the most knowledgeable hands down!!! I love the variety (even though we need more in Florida) of products and strains. I only wish that the vape cartridge didn't have flavoring added. Besides that, Trulieve is awesome. Plus, they close at 5pm on Sundays and I drove a couple hours to Miami, got in traffic and was 8 minutes late. They still filled my Rx. Great customer service!!!

Knox Medical - Gainesville

Haven't visited the actual location because Knox Medical delivers...and do they ever! I was forced to go 4 times to a different dispensary because i was having issues contacting all other dispensaries including Knox. I would call and leave a message, then would miss their callback...multiple times. When i finally was able to filll my prescription, I was VERY PLEASED. I got the 600mg Gemma drops (not sure if ill buy this again, had trouble finding correct dose), 600mg Gemma vape cartridge (INSTANT RELIEF) and 300mg CBD cartridge. I love that the vapes actually taste like the strain its made of, unlike the other dispensary i was filling my Rx at, which tasted like lime, bubblegum or cookies. Also, i was going thru a $37 cartridge every 2 days, from the other place. And was actually worried I couldn't afford my meds (still can't), but Knox quality is so good, that It seems to be lasting much longer. PLUS, with my 1st Rx fill, they gave me a very nice Knox vape pen...FOR FREE!!! LOVE IT!!!