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Canna Cabana - Milton

This is just a good strain review for OGEN Freshly Baked #76 , though purchased somewhere else. It's a good Sativa with a nice high and the ability to get nice visuals with closed eyes. In addition to the energy of the Sativa it also has a trippy component.

Sage Cannabis - Brampton

Have Not Been to This Store, Just reviewing the 1G pre-roll of Good Supply Jean Guy. It's a pretty clear experience overall and a nice sativa. Good for listening to music. Depending on the grow of Jean Guy the strain can be vastly different , in this case it's a good grow.

Sweet Jersey 3

This is a very interesting plant. It smells like flowers and orange but then there's an after-taste of chocolate almost. The effect is very up, happy and and more of a psychedelic type of strain as compared to a purely energetic focused strain (your mind will wander with this particular strain and listening to music is probably a blast too.) I'm going to put on some 'Day In the Life'.