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Greenlight - Spokane

I have shopped here several times, I like the products I have gotten, and will shop here again. however it was my most recent visit that I felt warranted my review. I went in early, there was a couple people there, while I looked at some product and waited I overheard some of the interaction between the customer and the "bud tender." The young woman working felt that "weed is weed" and stated so to the guy asking questions about different strains. Hopefully they can find someone that has a better philosophy than "weed is weed."

TreeHouse Club

comfortable atmosphere, fair prices, friendly enough staff, the product was a little dated, but not a bad experience.

Cinder - Spokane Valley

I must have come too early in the day, or maybe the tender was off his game. it was just an OK experience, I sorta felt rushed, if I hadn't already checked their menu and knew what I was after, I would have been really stressed. clean store, good product, not so much on the customer service.

Cannabis and Glass - Spokane

great store! the owner is very personable, she answered any questions we had and was very helpful. the only tax you pay is standard state tax, 8.9%, no joke. nice to see an honest, friendly, straightforward retail shop. just a great all around experince, we will be back.