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Mary Jane's - Spokane

I have mental health issues an a speech impediment. But every time I have gone in, they do not even make me feel like I am unwelcome or like I am taking too long. Actually in fact much like "The Boondock Saints", where they are making fun of the bartender!?! My dog is also welcomed and has been turned away in other shops simply because she is a GermanShepherd, but she is also medical alert, so she has a job and they didn’t even do their job to ask, at the other places. I appreciate all of the respect that I get from the staff at Mary Jane’s! Great prices, great staff, oh, and my dog says great treats to o! Probably one of the better quality than at other places in town!!

Cinder - Spokane Valley

I just don’t like how I can go to Cannabis and Glass get the exact same one to one ratio of concentrate and pay $25 and then stopping with a friend to Cinder and her pay $45, seems a little ridiculous, wonky and excessive!! but definitely chill employees I have to say they were awesome. My social anxiety was very low.!