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Greenlight - Spokane

I found my experience here to be completely unsatisfactory. The location has terrible lighting that makes it difficult to examine the quality of the product without a flashlight. There are no menus or boards to give customers an idea of what's available and what kind of quality it is (if there were I didn't see them due to the bad lighting.) All this necessitates having a conversation with a bud-tender, and the one who served me was awful. After asking him how potent the strongest indica pre-roll they had available I was told that I was wrong to ask that question and if I would go to a bartender and ask how how much alcohol was in a drink. The complete ignorance it takes to compare alcohol to cannabis would be enough to completely put me off of this store, but the judgemental nature of his attitude is what led me to come to this site and give them a bad review. Every other shop in the Valley treated me better than Green Light, and each one got more than a preroll sale out of me.