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Star Outlet

I’m picky about my stores and it mostly has to do with the people. They were Awesome! So, friendly! So, informative and not pushy. Get In Buy Your Pot And Leave! Is how A Lot of stores are. Nope, not here, almost like hanging out with my old “Florists” 😉 I got some Shiatsu Kush from Root Down they suggested..... 🤤so yummy..... I’m definitely going to visit this store again.

Green Leaf - Custer

My Favorite Store. Granted they are almost down the street from me but it's the people that make me come back. It started with... I believe her name is Lily... If I am wrong I will Definitely update it! Cuz she is Awesome! I hated my other local store so when they showed up I wasn't having "High" hopes for this place. Well, I was wrong, and then I met Ray (which I remember his name because Ray needs sunshine and they got a tiny window in the store. So now he's a Ray with sunshine😁). But all the Budtenders are Awesome! I recommend them every time. 💚😚💨 I know it's a small store but they are Never pushy with me looking at all the goodies. Which happens at Most stores. Even when I was a new comer. I usually let them help others while I look but most stores push you out the door. I'm a slow reader! If you're in the neighborhood go and check them out! Discounts everyday and don't forget to sign up with them and sign in every time you stop in. 20%off after every 10th visit. What?! I loveses it! 💚😚💨