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STIIIZY Ferndale

I am honored to be their first review. Johnny was my budtender, and I cannot begin to explain how great the experience was. For starters, the energy is THERE. He was chatty (which I love) and knew his stuff. He was giving forensics informative 1/100 iykyk. He asked me if I knew what I wanted (I only kinda knew) so he talked me through it. We got to the distillates and he showed me the house carts. If you don't have a battery of your own, give it a shot. Whether you're a novice getting into cannabis for the first time or, a veteran who knows what they like, STIIIVY is a great place to go. They have a no-touch/open container policy which means they don't open the containers for the sniff test. I know it's not ideal but they are a new dispensary, and the last thing they need is a contaminated product. At some point, they might start using aerated sample containers and boxes w/ magnifying lenses like some dispensaries. The cases are very organized, starting with flower, and working your way up to concentrates. The space is clean, bright and welcoming. They've got good first time visit deals and they have a great "referral" program. Bring in a friend, even if they don't buy and you get a discount you can use during that trip. First time visit but it wont be the last, I promise you that. Thanks Johnny.