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Hashstoria - Springfield

The new Hashstoria in Springfield has great selection and chill environment with a welcoming staff. We got ourselves some White Label BHO extracts and some mid shelf flower, and the friendly crew was very knowledgeable. I enjoy talking about cannabis and the cannabis industry--these folks knew their stuff and were genuinely excited about working in the industry. I DO have one complaint about my experience--with COVID restrictions and the necessity to keep the lights low to protect the potency of buds and concentrates, it IS pretty dark in there and hard to see everything. I would love it if they would bring in one of those magnifying lens lamps that jewellers or model makers use, something that could help me get a better look at the buds, especially since we can't currently remove our masks to smell the jars. If I could get a way to have a better look while still keeping 6 feet back, that would be awesome. Great place, would recommend giving them a chance and looking into their deals that come up.

LivWell Enlightened Health - Springfield (Temporarily Closed)

I go to a lot of dispensaries in the Springfield/ Eugene area, and I can say that LivWell on Olympic in Springfield excels in their efforts to deliver quality service. Johnny always makes a point to remember me and my preferences, as well as every staff member who I have encountered in my multiple visits; they are all very eager to engage in knowledgeable conversation about Cannabis and the products that LivWell carries. Quality flower, solid selection of quality farms and products available in the area. If you are looking for that extra polish in your retail service experience, or have some questions about cannabis and need some extra time with a budtender, this place is for you.