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Curaleaf - Ellsworth

Never had a problem here and I’m im this place weekly picking up a few ounces. It’s simple this place has put delivery services such as Green Canopy completely out of business simply because nobody can compete with $75 an ounce for pretty good product the top 3 strains here are Indica Princess, crescendo & Cura 111, everything else is eh and by god please avoid anything called TOEKS this is the worst company to make concentrates and they should be closed down they have a different name for each dab but it’s always the same garbage what they sell you is the stuff to put into your cart not your rig so avoid that & also BUCKS flower is absolutely garbage everybody in Maine is always saying support your local growers. Yeah we would love to support the local people if they knew what the hell they were doing none of you sell decent product the only good cannabis company in Ellsworth what is the Green Canopy & sadly they’re gone