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Verilife - Liverpool

Staff is great in every way. Even when they have to defend the product. I've been a user for years, of medical marihuana, and understand that NY is in the beginning stages of the business, but, the fact that they tried to up charge a so called "EXTRA STRENGTH STRAIN" is simply dissapointing and caused me not to come to this location again. From $85 to $115.... it is a pretty high surge for "tested extra strenght". Number one, what you get here in those containers is what is called "SHAKE" in states like CO and CA. is the last left from the harvesting of the flower. so it is full of tiny twigs and little stems all over. Price is already high, so to go get my usual 2 $85 strain of "shake" a week for $115 each was very dissapointing. Came in the blue top container one. Compare the quality of the Blue Cap container (branches and overly dry) to the Wooden Cap container (more fresh and not as dusty or powdery). I'm going back to my other Dispensary with much dissapointment but sure that in a few months this whole surcharge and crazy prices this and other locations are doing is going to end once competition starts popping all around NY. if you're new to this and don't mind surcharges for a so called "stronger strain" this is a great, clean place to go to. With excellent staff and great energy.

Etain Medical Cannabis Dispensary Syracuse

The front desk person wearing the apron basically dismissed any question or comment I made. Rude and not welcoming at all. If you're having a bad day, stay home :) Never coming back here.