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Drip Station

Got a preroll from double jointed and I only needed about 1/3 to be completely blitzed and I smoke all day everyday so tolerance is high. This was a great high was so warm and fuzzy 😌😁

Cannabis Country Store - Battle Ground

They only have mids here and they are way over priced take panda I get a 1/8 the in Longview for 18.00 here the similar product will run you 30-50 bucks , but in a small town I guess they can over charge because people don't want to drive any longer then they have too but you can get double if you drive just another 20 mins and if looking for GOOD WEED TOP END NUGS they do not have anything close so don't bother and the staff thinks they have top end weed products so they are spreading false knowledge to alot of new smokers and i dont think that's cool. Just be honest and tell the owner to get some good products and maybe take a ride and see the other prices out their and you could really have a GREAT LITTLE BUSINESS but not yet lots of work to be done. I'll check back in a few mths see if things are changing for the better.