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Native Brothers Dispensary OKC

I purchased an Apothecary brand cartridge on 4/28/2020. When I got home I opened the packaging which does not allow for a visual of the cartridge until you have opened it. I immediately noticed that the 1/2 gram cartridge was half full. I called Native Bros. And explained the situation and was told that someone would get back with me. The next morning after hearing nothing from the dispensary I stopped by and was told that the best they could do was give me 10% off anything else but no exchange or replacement was going to happen. There are too many dispensaries in the OKC area to have this poor of customer service. I’ll be spending my cash somewhere else and definitely won’t be purchasing shorted Apothecary carts in the future. The shame too is that I liked this little homegrown dispensary until this instance. Stay safe and don’t get hosed!