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I found some flower that has a high THC content for a low dollar cost now I'm twisted trying to understand how they could give me 3.5 of flower with over 30% thc and hand me change back from a 20 ! I'm never going back to tennessee where 20$ would have gotten me 2 grams of some bud that's no where near as good and have to hide yo smoke it cause it's illegal there hahaha I'm staying in silverlake!!!

Jade Cannabis Co. | Midtown Reno

I'm from Nashville tennessee but have been traveling around country for about 3 months I've been to over 2 thirds of the recreational cannabis states so far . Out of all the places I have been to the "Jade Cannabis Co." Is by far my favorite dispensary . The atmosphere is excellent and the staff are super knowledgeable and very helpful without being pushy . The really listened to me and have always had very good suggestions and advice on the products that are right for me . And the flower is the best out of anywhere I've been to from being fresh and super potent . I know without a doubt that the rest of the night after leaving jade is going to be stress free and I'll be walking around feeling like a zillion bucks .... I'm never going home . THANK YOU JADE !!!!