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Green Front REC

DO NOT SHOP AT THIS DISPO AND DO NOT GET A JOB HERE!!!!! The owners are completely disorganized, lie constantly, and do not pay their employees. I had a recent interaction with the company back in July, and after working for them for 2 days, I decided it wasn't the place for me because they lied to me about what the pay would be (reason I decided to decline)/it was a chaotic mess. After I quit they refused to pay me for the hours worked! After a month of waiting, I gave them a call and I got the most bogus lie in the world. According to them, I did not get paid because their "person in charge of that" got bit by a Black Widow a week ago and is in the hospital.... odd, does that mean none of your employees have been getting paid then? Sounds like a lawsuit just waiting to happen if so BUT com'on anyone with a brain cell could tell that was a load of shit. I have made an official wage claim complaint with the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries but have yet to receive a paycheck (been an additional 2 weeks since reaching out at this point). What a trash company to treat people like that! I don't think this company should get a cent from anyone considering their trash business morals. Forcing people to work for them on a "trial basis" while stating they will be paid for their time and then not doing it. Absolute trash!!!!