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Curaleaf - Sarasota

Went to the opening today and was very impressed; lots of parking available and they had great control of traffic, orders and product even though they had been "slammed" with customers steadily throughout the day. My bud tender Garret A. was super polite, professional and helpful. He made sure to call me by my name and introduced himself as well, which is a level of frontline customer service you don't see very often in dispensaries (with MuV SRQ previously the only other time I've ever encountered it). They're off to a great start and it's nice to have more options in SRQ.

MÜV - Sarasota - Fruitville

I've been to MuV Sarasota twice in the past 3 weeks and have been really impressed by the experience both times. On each visit, I was assisted by a really knowledgeable bud tender (on 2/11/19, it was Taylor) who not only understands the product but had excellent recommendations for my particular situation. I was also really impressed by Tatum at the front desk on my first visit. She was very friendly and accommodating and called several customers by their first names as she said hello or goodbye to them. Yesterday, Taylor explained they were beginning to switch out some of their disposable cartridge lines and were low on stock. She was able to get me what I needed in a G-pen cart and kindly offered a new G-pen battery at no charge since they were out of the standard carts I had brought previously. This was my first step away from Trulieve, who I've been very happy with. I felt like the MuV product was good enough to justify the slightly higher prices. The one thing that always brings me back to Trulieve is the great discounts and if MuV starts to offer more frequent discounts and perhaps a loyalty program like Trulieve, I will be "MuV-ing" to MuV permanently. Very positive experience!