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Fluent - St. Petersburg

I bought a vape cart and an RSO Syringe here. The vape cart was a .5 and it looked half full with MAYBE .3. I brought it back and asked for a new one and noticed it was the same so I just took it an left without making a fuss. When I got home I opened my bag and took out the RSO. there was a giant bubble in the syringe and after pushing it out I was left with .6ml of RSO when I paid for 1.0ml. I didn't go back or even try to exchange it because that's just rediculious and unacceptable for a medical dispensary.

Sanctuary Cannabis St. Petersburg

This is where you want shop if you are looking for truly medicinal potent strains. I find top shelf relief in all of their products.. The staff is super awesome and the website gives you sooo much information about the effects of each strain and what ailments they help with! I love this place! Keep up the great work team!